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Public world

All of your actions are public and all of them are recorded in an easily accessible archive
“With every day being honest become more and more rewarding, and lying – more and more expensive”.
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Modern world is at the crossroads: informational transparency or total control.

The essence of this informational junction is in following question: where is the management point for a subject’s profile – inside or outside?

In other words, do you manage your own informational portrait or is it owned and managed by someone else?

This junction is the projection of a higher level junction: a person for the sake of a system or a system for the sake of a person (more detailed description can be found in the chapter “Individuality in groups”).

But regardless of which way our civilization will go, even now it’s absolutely clear: all of your actions are public and are recorded in an easily accessible archive.

It’s cause by many reasons (changes that already happened):

  • People received an opportunity to become not only consumers, but also sources of information. Nowadays everyone has a photo or video camera and an opportunity to quickly and efficiently share their records and photos with others.
  • All the information (real and made-up) about a subject is recorded in a global informational archive that is easily and conveniently accessible to every person.
  • All people received an opportunity to give a public opinion about a subject, spread their opinions widely and discuss it with others (more detailed description can be found in the chapter “Current communicational model”).

This leads to a few important conclusions:

  • you are always public, even when you think that you are alone;
  • lying is very expensive;
  • your past is always with you: any fact from your history can be found at any time.

The world was always public. Nothing has changed in this context. But the communicational connection of the subjects of the world is growing every day. There are fewer and fewer possibilities to hide something and/or to influence renditions (interpretations) of actions and intentions.

“Am I ready for publicity?” – this is what more and more individual and collective social subjects (people, companies, brands, political parties etc) ask themselves.

Are you ready to be aware that your any word, action, photo, any fact from your past can be a subject of public interest and discussion?

We get a more and more distinct realization that we are NOT ready. But…

It doesn’t matter, because the world is moving in the direction of even more publicity (free or controlled – in this case and in this moment it doesn’t matter). At the same time, the higher the social potential (weight, authority) of a subject, the more attention from other subjects it gets, and the higher the social demand for its publicity.

Hence, the question needs to be different: “How to become more ready for publicity?” This way we are moving from “unavoidable publicity” to the concept of “manageable publicity”.

Elegant example

Simple model of a public world is any social network. From one point you have an illusion that that’s you who manage your publicity in a social network – you edit your profile, chose whom to except as a friend, which of your thoughts to share and with whom. But in reality everything is different. An owner of a social network keeps your profile (with all changes and additions) and sees (and records) all of your activities and more. Other participants of a network can discuss you, write about you, but you might not know about it. And the most important thing – in any given moment you can become a subject of society’s focused attention and learn many new things about yourself…

In practice

Let’s look into a few important aspects of manageable publicity. The most important fact is that you forbid third parties to discuss you. But you can influence (preferably proactively) the course of this discussion. And in this case the most important resource (the level f your influence on the course of discussion) is your reputation.

So the first rule is to be AUTHENTIC. It means both that your words and actions should be genuine correspond with your mindset) and that lying is very expensive! Even is now you think that “lying is the best and the cheapest option”, later you will realize that it was the most expensive and week way out.

Second rule – DON’T try to hide anything from your past, on the contrary – present it to your advantage and in the most convenient time. First of all, hiding anything is just useless (it’s already recorded somewhere and its only a matter of time and someone’s will when it will become public). Second of all, by hiding something you give away an opportunity to interpret this fact in the most negative way (for you), and lower the value (weight) of your own interpretation. Basically you are losing control over your past (in public perception) and, as a result, – over your future (more detailed description can be found in the chapter “Triune time”).

Third rule: you need to realize that you are always public. There are no “journalists” and “readers” anymore – every person you are speaking to can be a source of mass distribution of information about you. That’s why if you’re leaving your house “in sweatpants and with a stump“, it should be your conscious decision, that corresponds with your inner mindset. And vice versa – hair extensions, false eyelashes and makeup are acceptable only if you always live like this and even walk around your house like this.