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Sign Language

The intuitive graphical language principle - IGL – is information’s rapid exchange by simplifying its presentation shape and depth.
“Significant people and things are defined with one word.”
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The language is based on the basic visualization concepts which can then be modified in the parts of speech.

The basic principle: one idea is one graphic object. Each concept (picture, symbol) can be transformed into different linguistic forms (part of speech): verb, noun, pronoun and so on with graphic articles (dots). The coordinate system (similar to reputation matrix) is used:

  • past – future (was – will be, died – will born)
  • matter – idea (earth – sky, static – action)
  • private – general (I – they).

With the help of a graphic article (colored dots) located in one of the dimensions on the coordinate system the basic concept is converted to the corresponding part of speech.

As the concept’s example we used “food” (fig. 1).

The message (clause, story) may comprise a single character or several (groups of characters) which are located from the central (key character in the red background) in such order: to the left is the past, to the right is the future, up are actions or ideas and down are nouns or matter. There are no shades in this language, it is maximally simplified. Desire and realization (act) are identical in it. This language allows expressing quite complex philosophical concepts which the respondent can absorb in a very short period of time.