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World’s creation

World's creation is  a detailed description of the different world's dream.
“I've got a good mind to create the world to live in it. And you, if you like, can immigrate”.
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World’s creation is a construction (description) of a viable world based on a fundamentally different world view. The viability parameter is the outside observers’ willingness to understand (estimate) their benefits (threat) from this world’s existence and invest (give, donate) their resources in its implementation.

World’s creation is a product of the “dreaming” state from a efficiency triad. Dreaming lets you see the new limits or new relationships of existing outside the humanity’s vision. World’s creation is a detailed description of this dream’s possible existence to the fullest definition of the relationships and its elements interactions (the ecosystem).

World’s creation is the dream of a world that looks real (authentic) in terms of both internal and external observers.

This terms accuracy for an outside observer is a fundamental difference between world’s creation and fantasies which like dreams have only subjective validity showed exceptional residence at the time of imagination. As the same time this fantasy can be one of the elements (steps) in the world’s creation. World’s creation is a tool for developing a long-term vision of the future and searching through these visions of products that may become the mission of subject’s reputation. The key role of the world’s creation in future development (more detailed description can be found in the chapter “Future Development”) is to increase future’s reliability which is the mission of the subject’s reputation. And accordingly the increasing its reputational capital.

New worlds (their concept) appear on human vision’s expanding limits and / or with a new combination of existing limits. The world’s creation concept allows to formulate (describe) “core” and “alternate” versions of the world that may arise in the foreseeable future. And to form on the basis of these descriptions options for reputation management strategy and productive activities. In this context by “core” we mean “most probable” that lie within the already manifested trends. “Alternative” versions of the world are much beyond the trend, and as close to the limits of human vision, and even go beyond them.

On practice in world’s creation we use a tool called “dream session”.

Dream session includes three operating work cycles:

  • possible change dreams in one or more existing limits;
  • world’s vision formulation based on the changed limit;
  • a detailed description of how elements change influence other parts of the social system.

Elegant example:

One of the current humanity’s limits nowadays is the biological life’s duration. Dreaming to change this limit we formulate a world view that will correspond to change. Then we determine how it will affect the world and the individual elements of the society as a whole: the political system, education and the institution of marriage, pension and social security, the resources distribution between social groups, the new products / goods emergence, and so on. And we get the initial world’s description with a key difference from the existing world that people there live on average for 100-120 years.

What is the practicality of this work?

Within the “new” world society lives on the basis of the new world view thus we are dealing with other moral and ethical norms of society. As a consequence, with other requirements and assessments of subject’s reputation actions. That is to strengthen the reputation in the new world the subject may require a fundamentally different behavior. And already committed in the “old world” actions may require a material adjustment to interpretation. With possible changes in the moral and ethical standards understanding, and the these changes trajectory allows owners of reputation timely (in advance) to correct the already committed acts interpretation and to change the reference terms for the new ones’ design.

The other often more important aspect in terms of the practice is to identify opportunities (future needs) in products (goods and services) which today are not relevant.

For example, 10-15 years ago a few could have predicted that there will be huge markets for goods customize various electronic devices (from covers for cell phones to the unique software). However, the human communication capabilities extension has generated new markets with billions dollars capacity to not only the production communication tools but also related to their products and services, including electronic gadgets market (individual adjustment customization).

At the same time the market’s customization was quite noticeable (and described) in the late twentieth century as it appeared on the merger of the two expanding limits: a request for the formation of “personality in a team” social model and a request for a cheap filling “spillover entertainment” resulting from changes in working conditions.

This is an example of already happened world’s creation (conscious or spontaneous) in which there are new requirements for reputation (a separate field is “reputation on the Internet”) and new products / services (including such as covers for cell phones).

Until recently (20-30 years) world’s creation work was rather exploratory, theoretical by nature, in the modern world in which the time from conception’s birth to its implementation significantly reduced, it has found quite practical applicability, even within the existing human lifetime.